Personalised interior design in a single box

Personalised interior design in a single box

Room-Box is not just a box,

it’s a real designer you will interact with live! We are here to work together to create a design for any room in your home. We offer our years of experience to suggest products and materials specifically tailored to the design of your new interior. We will present you with the best proposals, but it is you who will decide which you like best.



Room-box will help you visualise the changes in any room! We work with you and create the design together, but you decide which furniture you buy.


A room in a box is a great gift idea. Have your loved ones experience an unforgettable adventure or make your own dreams come true and give yourself a makeover.


Room-Box is the perfect tool to help you create a fully personalised interior! Show off your results and let others admire them!

How does the Room-Box work? It's very simple


Ley us get to know you

Take measurements of the room and photos. How? Don't worry. We have prepared short and clear instructions for you. Talk to our designer. Create a concept for your new interior together.

Fill the survey

Create a design

Fill in the survey and tell us about your needs - what you would like to change and what you can't part with. Show us your favourite inspirations, let us know what style suits you best by taking our quiz.

Download the instructions

Pick up your Room-Box

Arrange all the product cards, and material samples in front of you. Choose the furnishings you like best and use them to create your new interior. Mąkę your purchases and tell us how it turned out!

Order a Room-Box

Open the Room-Box

Fulfil your dreams

What arę the contents of the Room-Box?

Design from A to Z

In the box you will not only find several furniture and accessory suggestions to choose from, but also a drawing of their layout in your room and wall paint colour samples. See what else the Room-Box contains.



Select the option for you

A conceptual design, i.e. a complete idea of the interior. You decide which proposals you like best.

Wizka 3D

An interior visualisation to help you see how your chosen products will look in your home.

Selected projects

Show off

See how our clients have made their dreams come true. Send us photos of your completed interior and let others see your unique project.